Class Information

SALT Educational Co-op offers both Academic and Enrichment Courses for students K through 12th grade.

Classes are scheduled to take place on Tuesdays or Thursdays, with some upper-level classes occurring on both days of the week. Families choose classes that meet their schedule and budget.  Some take one or two classes while others take a full offering of classes for their homeschoolers.

Please view our Course Descriptions to learn about current class offerings and see the Class Schedule for help in organizing your year.

2019/2020 Course Descriptions 2019/2020 Class Schedule

Helpful hints for understanding the class information:

  • Material/Supply Fees are paid at registration and are a one time non-refundable fee.  See the class description for details on things you will need to purchase for the class that is not covered in the class material fees.
  • Tuition is a monthly fee paid to the tutor at the beginning of each month for 8 months of the school year.  See the academic calendar <here> for dates.
  • The general SALT policy is to allow parents to register students who are up or down 1 grade level from what is designated for each class.  For example, if you have an 8th grade student who is ready for a high school level class that is designated at 9-12th, we allow you to register them in that class.  However, tutors always retain the right to determine that a student isn’t ready for the content they are teaching so if there is any question, it is best to contact the tutors before registrations to discuss your specific situation.
  • Classes that are 2 days will specify so on both days of the grid.  In those cases, attendance both days of the week is mandatory.
  • Classes in red have been closed due to full enrollment.